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Lollipop iLashes Adhesive 5ml

Lolli Adhesive 5ml

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Lollipop iLashes Adhesive is a must-have in your lash supplies! An advanced formula with retention of up to 8 weeks! Manufactured using only the highest quality medically approved ingredients: Latex-free and most important cruelty-free! 

Recommend humidity: between 35% - 55% 

Ideal Temperature: 20C to 24C

Dry Time: 1 to 2 seconds

Adhesive Colour: Black

Size: 5ml

Viscosity: Thin

Unopened bottles: Store in a cool dark and or fridge with a shelf life of 8 months

Wait at least an hour after removing from the fridge before use. 

Shake for 1 minute and it's time to use!

Opened bottles: Store in a cool dry place. Do not store in the fridge. Recommend to store in the same sealed packet with the baggy of silica. Make sure you clean the side after each use so it doesn't stick to the cap. Always keep stored in an upright position. Once it is opened it will last up to 7 weeks if properly stored.

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